About Irina

Welcome, I'm glad you're here!

You probably came to this page to learn a bit more about the person behind this webpage. Well, there's surely a lot that I could tell you about myself.

  • I'm originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, and I've been living abroad since I was 14 - first in Finland, then in Spain and now I'm back to Finland.
  • I speak 6 languages, and have 3 University degrees from 2 different countries - a MSc in Business Economics, a MA in Economic Analysis and a PhD in Economics.
  • I'm married and have 3 kids, who are already big enough to make me feel older than I am.
  • I spent over 15+ years in scientific research coordination and fundraising. Before working in science, I worked as a university lecturer both in Finland and in Spain.
  • I love traveling, reading, learning, spending time with friends and horseback riding. I also love to play piano and sing when no one is around.
  • I've learned how to read (divination) cards when I was about 7 and I started learning about astrology at around 12. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with all things woo-woo and my current obsession is tarot, astrology and Human Design. I prefer savoury over sweet, sea over mountains and small groups over big crowds.
  • I'm an INFP, Sagittarius Sun and Rising, a Manifesting Generator and a type 9 on Enneagram profile. Did I tell you I'm obsessed with personality profiles also? Well, you've probably guessed it anyway.

All this is cool, right, but how did I end up becoming a life coach?

How did I become a coach?

I’ve turned my life around 6 years ago after my third child was born. One day I just realized that for most of my life I’ve been living for others, fitting into the box that someone else built for me and following the path that thousands have walked before me. Somehow and somewhere in between motherhood, adulting and career I lost myself. I had no idea who the person staring at me from the mirror was anymore, what she liked, what she was passionate about. That day I made a commitment to reclaim myself and my life. I consider that day my second birthday. 

My search for meaning

Lots of things happened since then. I did lots of deep soul searching, healing and unlearning. Along the way I got trained and certified as a Martha Beck life coach, learned Human Design, dove deeper into astrology and psychology, and I`m currently studying energy work.

A few years down the line, I finally felt ready to admit to myself and to the world that I'm an intuitive and spiritual person. I feel people’s energy and sometimes even after a short conversation with a person, I feel I know where they’re coming from, what’s their wound and how I can help them heal. This is one of my unique gifts - seeing the soul of the person, behind all the masks, the hurt and the conditioning, and helping them see it as well. 

These days I guide and support women on a journey of deep self-discovery, self-reclamation and self-empowerment, using a unique combination of identity work, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design.


What they say


I’ve been struggling with low self-esteem for years, asking myself, what is wrong with me. I tried psychotherapy twice, but it didn’t help, because I didn’t feel good or safe on sessions. When I first talked to Irina, I had a feeling that this is finally something for me! Her approach was professional but warm and accepting, and she understood what my issue is and interpreted it immediately. I decided to proceed with our sessions and on that path, I became more aware of my thoughts and limiting beliefs I have and learned how to control them. Irina is a great listener, who always knows how to ask the right questions that help me get an insight into myself. Thank you!!!!


Irina's life coaching sessions were amazing. She transformed me from a big procrastinator who was feeling stuck, unsure which business task to do next, to someone who now has my content flowing. Working with Irina has given me lifelong tools to unblock anything that might come up in the future. The tools Irina introduced me to, are tools I had never heard of before. Being someone who is always willing to try new things, I found this experience extremely exciting and rewarding.
When I heard Irina's voice on the other end of the line, I would smile. You see, I always felt like I was talking with a Friend. This was very important to me, as I need to feel comfortable with someone before I open up fully to them. I also was aware for me to get my best experience from working with Irina, it was necessary for me to be and feel vulnerable. Irina always held the space for me to share and reflect.
I will be forever grateful for working with Irina and I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough. She is amazing.
Thank you so very much Irina

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