What if you could create a successful business that leverages your unique energetic gifts, transforms your clients’ lives and generates income in an effortless and aligned way... using your Human Design?

Doors close in:


You missed out!

You know you're here for a reason

You know you were born in this lifetime to make your mark and to transform people’s lives - and you’re doing it!

You have the skills, the passion and the desire to help people and you’re truly amazing at what you do!

But something feels misaligned...

  • Maybe you’re pouring energy and time into your business, trying strategy after strategy, sharing content, providing value, and doing #allthethings but not really seeing consistent results... which leaves you wondering if you’re ever going to make this business work.
  • Or maybe you hit an income plateau and even though you want to break through to the next level, you can’t imagine how to do it without burning yourself out - after all, you already have so much on your plate that you can’t imagine working even more!
  • Or maybe you realize that despite having achieved financial success in your business, you still feel that there’s a part of you that is not fully expressed - and you secretly fear that you've built a golden cage for yourself - successful on the outside, and deeply dissatisfied on the inside.
Human Design Coach

Whatever is the situation that you find yourself in, I want you to know one thing

There's never been anyone like you on this planet before, and there never will be.

You are unique and therein lies your superpower.

When you know who you are at your core, when you embrace your uniqueness and activate your Soul gifts at an energetic level, you become the go to person because no one can replicate your energy!

And so if you desire to create a business that

.... allows you to share your soul gifts with the world and get paid abundantly for transforming people’s lives,

gives you plenty of time and space to nourish yourself and your loved ones, and 

 feels effortless, fulfilling and fun,

I want you to know that it's totally possible for you.

The key to your abundant business is already inside of you!

Here's the thing...

You don't lack skills, commitment, motivation or determination as many business coaches will make you feel - you're already incredibly gifted and skilled at what you do!

You don't need more strategies, trainings, or freebies - you've collected enough of these, and you know that strategy without energetic alignment is not going to work!

You're not here to copy-paste someone else's message, social media post or offers, because you're not here to blend it but to stand out.

You're a Visionary, and as a Visionary you're not here to follow someone else's rules - you are here to create your own path to success, and this path starts by understanding how to work with your own energy. 

We are all born with a unique energetic blueprint that shows us the exact way to make decisions, evaluate opportunities, and live in our greatest potential.

And by aligning with this energetic blueprint you can create a life of effortless flow and synchronicities that naturally attracts people and opportunities to you, making you a powerful magnet for all your desires.

Imagine how much more joyful your life would be if you could...

Celebrate your uniqueness and use it to do your Soul’s work so that you can show up authentically, and impact others simply by being yourself.

Tap into your unique gifts and talents that make you stand out of the crowd, without needing to spend hours on social media.

Grow your business following a path of least resistance, one that allows you to tap into what feels good and get paid for doing what you love.

Consistently make great decisions in your life and business, so that you stop wasting time and money on courses and "proven formulas" that seem to work for everyone but you.

Let go of all self-doubt, negative self-talk and comparison and feel totally confident knowing and trusting your own path. 

Create a business model that prioritizes you, your energy and your vitality and allows you to have life outside your business.




It's revolutionized the way I view how I show up. My business really exploded during this program. It felt so magnetic & "effortless" in how I received these clients. It inspired me to take a different approach in how I market and talk to others about my services, instead of just pitching my services the old fashion way.


Business Re-Designed

A 6-week group experience for heart-centred entrepreneurs that not only brings ease, joy and flow back into your business - but also positively impacts every aspect of your life... so you can enjoy both the journey and the destination!

Consider this the real secret to creating flow in your business.

This 6-week group program will equip you not only with extensive understanding of Human Design, it will also help you embody, integrate and apply this knowledge to your business and to your life.

After completing the program, you'll have the tools to:

Know exactly which strategies will work for you based on your unique design so that you don't have to waste money investing in courses and coaches that teach you strategies that are not correct for you.

Make decisions easier with less stress and more trust without second-guessing yourself - so that you can spend less time wondering if you’re doing the right thing... and more time doing it.

Easily recognize which ideas are worth pursuing (and which to let go of) based on your own unique design, so that you stop chasing all the rabbits and focus on what truly moves the needle in your business.

Become naturally magnetic and easily attract the right soul-aligned clients -  so you spend less time searching for clients and more time enjoying working with them.

Know exactly how to speak about what you do and what to post to create demand for your offers, because you allow your message to flow from you instead of obsessing over it and feeling creatively stuck. 

Understand your gifts and talents, and your zone of genius, so you can develop your own unique signature style of coaching or teaching and position yourself as the go to expert in your niche.

Let me show you what's inside the program when you join ...

Week 1: Activate Your Alignment

Tap into your own energy, close energy leaks and learn how to expand your aura, so that you start attracting the opportunities that are meant for you right away.

This week:

  • Human Design as an embodiment tool
  • Alignment and embodiment practices to sense and activate your aura
  • Identifying your dominant vibration and closing energy leaks
  • Human Design Auras and Types and how they interact with the world
Mistake #3: Thinking Your Niche Defines You

Week 2: Awaken Your Inner Guidance

Understand your unique decision-making strategy, so that you learn to make decisions you'll never second-guess.

This week:

  • Human Design Authority in decision-making
  • Dealing with confusion, doubt and fear
  • Sacral session and mind-body tools

Week 3: Release Conditioning Patterns

Identify and release the conditioning patterns that keep you in a cycle of hustle and unworthiness and prevent you from expanding into your next level in life and business.

This week:

  • Recognising conditioning patterns by type
  • Common conditioning in energy centers
  • Deconditioning process and tools 
General Niching

Week 4: Step Into Your Genius

Understand your unique gifts, talents, and your speciality, so that you can integrate the fullness of who you are into your offers, and amplify your strengths in business.

This week:

  • Identifying your zone of genius
  • Getting to know your energy centers and their importance for your business

Human Design Aura

Week 5: Embody Your Purpose

Discover your life mission and the role you are meant to play in life, so that you never wonder if you're doing the right thing. Learn how to turn your purpose into prosperity.

This week:

  • Understanding and embodying your Incarnation Cross
  • Tap into your unique leadership role & your unique signature in business
  • Develop a mission statement for your brand based on your Human Design chart

Week 6: Design the Fundamentals of Your Business

Develop your sustainable business model, your aligned offer, and learn to market and position yourself online in alignment with your energy.

This week:

  • Develop your own version of success and prosperity using Gene Keys
  • Build an ascension model to grow and scale your business in alignment with your energy 
  • Define your core offer proposition to leverage your genius
  • Niching, marketing and sales based on your Human Design 

In Business Re-Designed, we don't just LEARN Human Design - we EMBODY the energy of our own design and ACTIVATE our magnetism to create a life and business of ease and prosperity.

What Our Students Are Saying

Danguole - Leadership Coach


I loved all its parts from recordings to live calls! I learned a lot despite being already in HD for a while and most importantly it was practical! I also must celebrate Irina's lightness when delivering this course and amazing sense of humour during the live calls. I found this course extremely valuable and would highly recommend it to those who need practical and insightful AHA moments to move their business and also personal journey forward.

Terrie - Life coach

Business Re-Designed and learning about my Human Design taught me self love and self compassion. I learned that I am unique and that my tendencies, my natural abilities, and even the areas of myself that frustrate me can be my superpowers. I have everything that I need, I just need to learn to use it and develop it. I feel so much more empowered because of BRD! After completing this program, my self talk is 1,000 times better and I am excited for the journey that lies ahead!

Who This Program Is For?

This program is for you if...

  • You've been dabbling in Human Design and you might even know some things about Gene Keys but you still don't know how to take full advantage of your knowledge, nor how to use it in your business.
  • You are passionate about your business and you know you are here to do great things.
  • You have a strong desire to help people and the necessary skills to change people's lives.
  • You understand that business expansion and success is directly proportionate to your own personal growth and expansion, and you're not afraid to do the "inner work" required to grow.
  • You value integrity and authenticity in business and in sales, and you have high standards for yourself and your clients.
  • You are ready to take radical self-responsibility and experiment with your Human Design for real. 

This program is not for you if...

  • You're looking for a quick fix solution to take your business from 0 to 7 figures overnight (I don't offer these types of things!).  
  • You want me to tell you how many times to post on social media, or how, what and to whom to sell (this is not a strategy course).
  • You are considering starting your own business but you are not yet sure if this is the right path for you (although the course will help you understand yourself better, it assumes that you have already decided that entrepreneurship is the way to go for you).
  • You already have a very advanced knowledge of Human Design and you embody your design in every sphere of life (this course might be too basic for you).
  • You don't believe that energy work is important for growing your business and you think that you can hustle your way to success (I'm probably not the right coach/mentor for you).

So, what are you getting?

  • 6 training modules of pre-recorded lessons to learn, integrate and apply Human Design to your life and business at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Workbooks, exercises and journaling prompts to help you decode, embody and apply the energy of your design.
  • Human Design Vault with simple and practical explanations of the major concepts we use in the program.
  • 4 Live teaching and coaching sessions to provide you additional support.
  • A private FB Group for support and accountability.
  • You’ll have access to the material for the lifetime of the program, for as long as I continue to run Business Re-Designed, and guaranteed access for at least one year after you enroll.

And let's not forget these epic bonuses!


Bonus workshop: Manifesting Money and Abundance Using Human Design

Activate your money codes, heal your money wounds and amplify your capacity to receive abundance in life and business.


Bonus workshop: Maximise Your Energy for Optimal Performance

Calibrate your energy for maximum performance and create productive structures and routines based on your unique Human Design energetics.


1:1 Human Design & Gene Keys Reading

An 1:1 reading of your Human Design chart, and the most important energies of your Gene Keys so that you have the foundational understanding of your own energetics when you start the program.


A collection of supportive resources covering the most important elements of Human Design at your disposal!

Type, strategy + authority

To help you understand the basics of your design.

Profile + Incarnation Cross

To help you get clarity on your purpose and role in life.

Centers + Circuitry

To help you decode your zone of genius and your contribution.

Before BRD, I was working for someone and contemplating going solo. In doing so, I was looking for a business paradigm that matched my energy. My part of the business was stagnant and I felt like there was something in the way of me reaching my soul client, partly within me and part with my set up. I was feeling frustrated, knowing deep within that this is what I am meant to be doing and watching it go nowhere.

During BRD, I learned about my energy and how to apply that to my everyday life, how to work with it, and how to work with it to figure out what business strategy is most aligned with it. I've used the knowledge gained in BRD to go solo, choose a more aligned business name and business model which has allowed me to move forward on this journey of living into my passion and purpose, leaning into my energetic business model, and regain my confidence through gaining some clients and the learning about the amazing harmony between my business and personal chart.

I fully recommend joining BRD! It is such a wonderfully intellectual, energetic, and supportive environment, filled with all of the essentials you'll need to get started on your Human Design Business and personal journey if you haven't already.

Bridget // Reiki Healer

One more thing...

This program is NOT for you if you expect me to tell you how you should run your business, what to post on your social media, how to launch your course or whether or not to run ads to promote your offers. 

This is not a business course that teaches you business strategies. I bet you've already taken dozens of business courses with all the gurus and you know all the strategies. So it's time to admit that if something isn't working in your business despite investing in the famous courses and programs - it's likely not because you're using the "wrong" strategy! 

In fact, I believe that there's no right or wrong strategy anyway. Any given strategy is either energetically aligned or not aligned with your design, and the key is to follow your design and to discern what's aligned and what's not. Any strategy will work if it feels good in your body and you are fully devoted to your success.  You just have to know how to decide which strategy you want to implement. 

This is a course that helps you understand and embody your personal energetics so you can leverage it in your business, and amplify your natural skills in a completely different way.  

I don't believe in giving business advice. Even though I have extensive education in business and a PhD in Economics, and even though I scaled my own business to 6+ figures using energy-based strategies, at my core I'm a Guide and Energy Alignment Coach. My role in this program is to empower you to make sovereign decisions and to help you understand your own energetics so that you can feel well equipped to run your own business in a way that feels fully aligned and congruent with who you are. Not to impose on you my way of doing things, because that will just defeat the whole purpose of this program.

Hi there, I'm Irina!

I'm a Certified Transformational Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design & Gene Keys Expert.

After almost two decades of working in science and academia, and seeing so many people stuck in jobs they dislike, I decided to change my life and dedicate myself to helping people create the lives they truly desire.

Discovering Human Design has been one of the most liberating experiences in my life - it gave me the tools to understand myself and to embrace what's truly mine. 

My mission is helping spiritual entrepreneurs and healers develop their own unique path to business success so that they can impact more people and get paid for doing what they truly love. 

I created Business Re-Designed because I'm tired of people selling cookie-cutter solutions "Do as I did and get the results that I have!" I don't believe in that. 

What works is running your business your way. Finding your unique solution for your unique audience, using your unique skillset and in alignment with your unique energy. 

I scaled my business to 6+ figures on my own terms, according to my own rules, following my own energy and soul's purpose. And now it's time for you to do the same.

Irina Prokofieva coaching

Watch this video from one of our past students, Alessandra!

Are you ready to transform the way you run your business?





Payment plan for 3 months

  • Access to a 6-module training program 
  • Human Design Vault 
  • Bonus Manifesting Money Using Human Design workshop 
  • Bonus Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Performance workshop 
  • Bonus Personalized Human Design Reading 
  • Bonus Energetic Strategy 1:1 call (only first 10 people) 




(save 400 USD)

  • Access to a 6-module training program 
  • Human Design Vault 
  • Bonus Manifesting Money Using Human Design workshop 
  • Bonus Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Performance workshop 
  • Bonus Personalized Human Design Reading 
  • Bonus Energetic Strategy 1:1 call (only first 10 people)  




  • Includes everything in BRD plus:
  • 3 x 45 min 1:1 coaching and mentorship calls to have my undivided attention to your business 
  • A deeper dive into your Human Design & Gene Keys chart
  • Daily Voxer support
  • Premium Support is only available if you choose to pay in full (limited to 3 spots)

If you're interested in a Premium Support option and want to discuss it more, please reach out to irina@irinaprokofieva.com prior to purchase.

Irina Prokofieva coaching

Let me ask you this...

How will you feel 6 weeks from now in your business if you keep doing the same things? Burnt-out and frustrated? Energized and Joyful?

Many people start businesses to do something they love, but without a roadmap, it’s easy to get off track or burnt-out. You don’t need to invest money into yet another course on business strategies. You don’t need someone else’s roadmap. You just need to reconnect with the spark that had you start in the first place -- but this time in a way that is in alignment with the true you. You need to re-design the way you think, structure and run your business - and to do it your way

The investment in Business Re-designed can turn your business around from the inside out. And once that happens, experiencing ease, flow, and joy in your business again -  becomes as simple as reading the chart.

Any questions?

If you don't find your question here, feel free to send me an email at irina@irinaprokofieva.com.

How much time is required to complete the program?

Every week’s teaching portion is about 60-90 minutes. In total, you can expect to dedicate about 2 hours every week to the course content, & about 15 minutes daily to do your journaling and embodiment practices.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee that if you commit to doing your work consistently, you are going to see results. My commitment to you is to support you on your journey, but I can't do your work for you. Your actions, and hence your results are your responsibility, hence I can't guarantee your results. If you are not willing to trust the process and dedicate time and effort to this program, this program is likely not for you. However, if you dedicate time and effort to this program, you will see changes in your life and your business.

I joined the program, what's next?

When you enrol, you will receive a welcome email with the information on how to access your course portal, and a link to a form to submit your birth information needed for a complimentary Human Design Reading. 

How are LIVE calls held?

All the Live calls are held online via Zoom, so you can join us from anywhere in the world. Replay is going to be available in the course portal 24-36 hours after the call. Calls tentatively will take place on Wednesdays, with the exception of the Welcome call that will take place on Thursday October 27th, at 5pm CEST (Paris), 11am EDT (New York), 8am PDT (Los Angeles). The time of live falls can be adjusted to suit the demands of the group.

How big is the group? Will I get personalised attention?

This is a small group experience of no more than 30 people, so that I can give my full attention to each individual. If you desire personalized support, you can upgrade to Premium Support option that includes 3 x 45-minute 1:1 coaching and mentorship calls, a deeper dive into your Human Design and Gene Keys chart, and daily Voxer support. The investment for BRD with Premium Support upgrade is 4k and this price is available only at the moment of purchase of BRD. If you desire to explore it, please contact me at irina@irinaprokofieva.com.

I am in a hard financial situation right now. Do you offer any full or partial scholarships or an extended payment plan?

I do not currently offer scholarships, but if you are interested in enrolling into this program, we can offer you a personalized extended payment plan. For inquiries, please email me at irina@irinaprokofieva.com

What is the refund policy?

This program is final sale. If you’re unsure that the program is right for you, please book a discovery call with me or email me at irina@irinaprokofieva.com so that I can answer all your questions. By accessing the course platform upon enrolment, you agree that you you lose your right of withdrawal under the EU laws and regulations. For more information, please consult our Terms and Conditions, as well as Disclaimer.