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My coaching philosophy

As a coach, I'm committed to creating an open and safe space for you for transformation to happen. I will not tell you what to do with your life. Instead, I'll show you how to connect to your own inner wisdom and learn to distinguish its voice from all the mental chatter that fills our minds. I believe that you're the only expert in your own life, and my role as a coach is to help you uncover your own truth and tune into your inner knowing.

I am currently working towards my certification with the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training.  

I can help you to...

  • Move through a transition period with ease, peace and serenity
  • Find clarity and a sense of direction in life and in work
  • Uncover your true purpose and values
  • Find more satisfaction and fulfilment in life, work and relationships
  • Learn to set and maintain boundaries with love
  • Create a more balanced life filled with meaning and deep connection

Wha​​​​​​​t  My Clients Say



I've been struggling with low self-esteem for years, asking myself, what is wrong with me. I tried psychotherapy twice, but it didn't help, because I didn't feel good or safe on sessions.

When I first talked to Irina, I had a feeling that this is finally something for me! Her approach was professional but warm and accepting, and she understood what my issue is and interpreted it immediately. I decided to proceed with our sessions and on that path, I became more aware of my thoughts and limiting beliefs I have and learned how to control them.

Irina is a great listener, who always knows how to ask the right questions that help me get an insight into myself. Thank you!!!!



I found that the coaching with Irina was extremely useful. It has benefited my work because I now have a much clearer vision of what I need to do to achieve my goals. It was great to get a reminder of the importance of a positive mindset and also to get another perspective. 

I definitely achieved the results I was looking for. It was great to clarify the next steps I need to take to achieve my goal of getting photography clients. She was very personable so I found it easy to talk about my life. Irina was very clear and asked great questions that got me thinking and which lead to some interesting and insightful conclusions. I can definitely recommend Irina!

Conditions for the free offer:

  • You commit to 3 x 50 minutes coaching sessions to be used until 31st March 2019
  • You commit to provide me with a written testimonial upon the completion of the last coaching session 
  • You commit to provide me with written feedback after each coaching session (using an online feedback form)

In exchange I offer:

  • 3 coaching sessions x 50 minutes each to be used until 31st of March 2019
  • Coaching over Zoom or Skype in a time that is suitable for both of us
  • Pro-bono coaching agreement will be signed before the first session
  • Confidentifality and my best services

After processing your application form, if I see that we're a good fit, I'll send you an email with a link to my schedule so that you can book the time for your first session. I'll also send you the pro-bono coaching agreement, which you'll need to sign prior to our first coaching session. For any additional inquiries, please contact me at irina@irinaprokofieva.com.

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