Definition in the Human Design body graph

Human Design body graph

What do you see on the Human Design Body Graph?

In the last post, I’ve introduced you to the basics of Human Design and I've explained where you can get your body graph free of charge. You can also download your free Human Design Resource Guide for more information on Human Design.  

Body graph

Now, let's have a look at your body graph.

Don’t get scared by how it looks, it’s actually not as complicated as it seems.

On your body graph you’ll see colored and white shapes, there are 9 of them altogether. These are called energy centers. Below, you'll see a body graph of a fictitious person Maria that we'll use for illustration purposes.

Human Design chart

Defined centers

If the center is colored in, it means that this center is defined in your body chart. It means that the energy of this center is yours, and you express it in a consistent way throughout your lifetime. This is the energy you can rely on, and it’s also the energy that you “emit” into the world, and hence, the way you affect other people.

As we can see on a figure above, Maria has 3 defined centers and 6 undefined centers, one of which is completely open (the top triangle). 

Undefined centers

If the center is white, it means that the center is not defined in your body chart. You still have this energy in your chart, but it is not consistent - sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t. You can also feel this energy in a different way. It all depends on who you are with, where you are, and what happens in the sky (which transits are activated).

An undefined energy center is your sensor - this is where you take in the energy of other people, and you amplify it. It’s through these undefined centers that you can “read” the energy of other people and feel their moods, thoughts, stress level etc.

The challenge and the opportunity here is to realise that all these energies are not yours, and you don’t need to respond to them or solve them in any way.

Own energies vs. external conditioning

So in a way, a body graph shows you which energies are yours and which are not. That is, where you are consistently “yourself” and where you are vulnerable to the conditioning of others. The more undefined centers you have, the more conditioning you are likely to carry on, and the wiser you can become if you learn to decondition yourself.

If you want to learn more about Human Design, click here to download your free Human Design Resource Guide to get you started.  

In the next post, we’ll talk in more details about the centers. But for now, have a look at your body graph and tell me how many open centers do you have?

Want to know more about your Human Design?

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What does definition mean in Human design
Definition in Human Design chart
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