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How to get started with Human Design


When people discover Human Design, it’s really tempting to get obsessed with it and try to learn everything there is to know about it. Their type, strategyauthority, profile, centers, channels, gates, incarnation cross, colors, tones, variables, arrows… There's so much to learn!

But at some point, there comes a moment when they have consumed so much information about Human Design that they just feel completely overwhelmed. Their heads are about to explode from the sheer quantity of information that they have soaked in! And the question is, "Now, what do I do with all that?"

I know it, because I've been there! It's really new! It's exciting! You want to explore everything, so you dive in and you can spend weeks if not months exploring, learning and consuming information about Human Design.

What we don’t usually realize is that knowing more about Human Design is not going to help us unless we actually implement what we learn, unless we start practicing living in alignment with our design. That's the only way to make sure that Human Design is actually useful for us.

In today's post, I'm sharing with you a few tips on how to start integrating your Human Design into your life. 

The best way to start integrating Human Design into your life is to start with the simplest thing - your Type, your Strategy and your Authority. 

Once you master living as your Type, using your Strategy in every single decision you make, and using your Authority to guide you, the rest is just going to fall in place. Integrating these three basic components into your life will help you activate your aura. And an activated aura will do the job for you - it will attract to you people and opportunities that you need to help you fulfil your life purpose and experience peace, satisfaction, joy and abundance that you desire.

Let's look how to do that!

Benefits of embodying your Human Design

Tip #1: Learn about your Human Design type

If you're totally new to Human Design, my advice is to start by learning about your type, and understanding how your aura operates in the world. You can belong to one of five types.

You can be a Manifestor - that is the person that is just coming up with ideas and has the capacity to initiate whatever from the ideas that they get. Then we have Generators and Manifesting Generators - these are the people who are designed to respond to the signs that they see in the physical world and be initiated by others. We also have Projectors who need to be invited into interactions so that they can bring their own gifts and talents into the community. And then there are also Reflectors, who perceive the energies of other people and reflect back to the community everything that they perceive, so that we can measure the health of the community by looking at the health of the Reflectors. 

Living in alignment with your Human Design

Tip #2: Explore your signature emotion 

Once you know your type, the second thing to do is to look at your signature. Signature is the emotion that you experience whenever you feel aligned with your design

For Manifestors, your signature is peace and influence. So, whenever you feel that you are making an impact in the world, whenever you feel like you are contributing to the greatest good, whenever you feel at peace with yourself and with your surroundings, this is an indication that you live in alignment with your type. And on the contrary, whenever you don't feel these emotions, whenever you feel that you are not making an impact, you feel angry at everyone, or you feel controlled - these are strong indications that you are not aligned with your design. 

For Generators and Manifesting Generators, the signature emotion is satisfaction, it is the feeling of fulfillment from a job well done, from knowing that you are putting your effort into something that matters, something that makes you happy, something that brings you joy. These are the signature emotions of the Generators. In case of Manifesting Generators their other signature emotion is going to be peace and the feeling of making an impact in the world, just like for Manifestors. 

As for Projectors, they feel aligned when they feel successful, when they feel that they are heard, listened to, that they matter, they have their voice, and they are recognized for their gifts. These are the emotions that the Projector experiences whenever they are aligned living in alignment with their design. A Projector that doesn't live in alignment with their design is going to feel bitter, unheard, invisible. These are all the emotions that they experience when they are not living in alignment with their design. 

For Reflectors, when they live in alignment with their design, they are surprised and amazed at the life that they are living. They are surprised by how well people are functioning. They are really excited about life. They are amazed by the fact that so many people are living their fullest potential. And in reverse, when they are not living in alignment with their design (which in case of Reflectors typically means that they are living in a wrong environment), they feel disappointed with everything, because as they look at the world, they feel that it is not functioning as it is supposed to in their mind. 

Not living in alignment with your Human Design

Tip #3: Assess different areas of your life 

Why is knowing your signature so important? Because you can assess different areas of your life using your signature emotions and identify whether or not you are living in alignment with your design. 

Ask yourself: What are the most frequent emotions that you are experiencing right now? Are you experiencing the emotions of being in alignment with your type? Are you experiencing peace, excitement, satisfaction, success, surprise? 

Or are you experiencing what Human Design calls the non-self aspects? These would be anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, bitterness, disappointment. All of these emotions indicate that you are not living in alignment with your design. 

So, check in with yourself to determine where you are on the emotional scale of alignment.

Look also at the different areas of your life and assess how aligned do you feel in different areas of your life. It may be that you feel very aligned in your personal life, but then your business or your career are not really satisfying. It may be that with your partner you're feeling completely aligned, but with your kids or your in-laws you're feeling misaligned. 

Now you have a very good picture of where you currently are in your life which areas of your life need a bit more “work”. 

How to incorporate Human Design into your daily practice

Tip #4: Practice your Human Design Strategy

Once you understand which areas of your life need a bit of a TLC, start bringing your Strategy into the game. For Manifestors, that would be informing people. For Generators or Manifesting Generators, that would be responding to signs. For Projectors, that would be waiting to be invited. And for Reflectors, that would be waiting for clarity through the lunar cycle. 

Observe how you are already using your Strategy in the areas where you feel aligned. I bet you that in the areas where you feel successful and in flow, you're probably relying on your Strategy and Authority even without knowing it, because when you follow your Strategy and Authority your life feels easy

Explore how you can bring more of your signature strengths into your life, and how to incorporate more of your Strategy into the areas where you feel out of alignment. 

Start small - make one decision each day using your Strategy and see where it leads you. Then two, then three… and soon you will have gathered enough evidence that using your Strategy actually helps you create an easier and a more aligned life.

About the author

I'm a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design Expert. I help people get to the core of their desires, gain clarity on their life direction and develop self-trust and self-confidence to start moving forward and create change in their lives. In my work, I use a unique combination of identity work, mind-body tools, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design to clear the subconscious patterns and expand the energetic capacity to receive more abundance, love, wealth, clients, and happiness that you're calling into your life.

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