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The secret to using your Human Design energy aura for manifestation


One of the fascinating things about Human Design is that it's based on our aura - our energy field - and it has nothing to do with our personality, our upbringing or our intellectual or psychological abilities. Our aura is what determines how we interact with the flow of life and how we commune with others. When we align with our design - meaning when we follow our Strategy and Authority - we allow our energetic aura to do the talking for us and attract into our life people and opportunities that will help us express our unique gifts and talents.

Let's see how the aura operates for the different Human Design types.

Generators and Manifesting Generators

If you're a Generators or a Manifesting Generators, you have an open and embracing aura that is inviting and magnetic. The creative life force energy of your defined Sacral Center attracts to you different people and opportunities, and the only thing that you need to do is to respond to these opportunities. This response - which is at the basis of Generators/Manifesting Generators strategy comes in a form of Sacral sounds ("ah-huh" or "uhn-uh" for Generators) or as a rush of energy propelling them to engage in the activity (more typical for the Manifesting Generators).

A good starting point for experimenting with this energy is learning to observe your own Sacral response. 

  • How does the Sacral response feel for you?
  • Do you feel it as a gut sound?
  • Do you feel it as a rush of energy?
  • Do you feel it as an actual movement towards something?
  • Do you feel it as an exciting bubbling "Hell Yes!"?

When you learn to recognise your own Sacral response, you'll be able to notice that not all opportunities provoke a positive response from your Sacral center. This means that these opportunities are not correct for you in this particular moment. This is when you face a choice - do you listen to your Sacral center and pass on this opportunity or do you go ahead and act on this opportunity anyway?

Sacral energy is so potent that you will be able to "push through" with projects and opportunities that are not correct for you, however, you'll likely experience frustration and burnout in the process. It is likely to feel as an uphill battle.

Learning to listen to your Sacral center and only engaging in the opportunities that really excite you, on the contrary, will bring deep satisfaction into your life and a feeling that life just effortlessly falls in place for you.

The key lesson of Generators and Manifesting Generators is to trust that life will come to them and be open about the opportunities that present themselves. You don't need to "go out there and make things happen", but rather trust that if you respond to life, the path will be revealed to you.


If you're a Projector, you have a focused and penetrating aura that absorbs and energetically tastes the energy of other people. Your aura has a deep ability to "read" the energy of others and to recognise how they can best utilise their energy. When you show up, your aura attracts and draws people to you as if by an art of magic, and the only thing that is required of you is to sense/taste which of these people truly see you and recognise you.

When you as a Projector receive an invitation - your Strategy - feel into it. Just because someone invites you, doesn't mean that the invitation is right for you. 

  • Ask yourself - does the person who invited you really sees you for you?
  • Do they really recognise you?
  • Do they really want me for me?

The key lesson for Projectors is to trust that they will be invited by the people who show genuine interest in them and to let go when the energy exchange no longer feels correct. You don't need to seek people or opportunities, or do anything special to get the attention of others. Just being you is enough. And you don't need to stick to your commitments forever, rather, you can re-evaluate them and let go of the ones that no longer feel fulfilling.


If you are a Manifestor, you have a closed and repelling aura, which challenges others and propels them into action. Your aura impacts other people without you even knowing it. It is dense and it pushes your energy outward, causing other people's auras to contract. This can be perceived by other types as an attempt to control them, and so people may become defensive, protective or fearful in your presence, or they may rebel against your perceived control and try to control you instead. All this is happening on an energetic plane and you might not even be aware of your own impact on others.

The best way to eliminate resistance from your path and clear the way for peaceful interactions with other people is by informing them about your decisions and plans (this is your Strategy). When you inform, others feel included and respected, and while they may not like what you are doing, they are less likely to lash out on you. In addition, informing others allows you to enlist help to achieve your vision. Informing is different from asking for a permission, you're not designed to ask for permission, but just to let others know about what you are up to.

A good place to start using your Strategy is by making a list of people who can be potentially affected by your decisions and letting them know about your plans in advance

  • Observe your own resistance to informing them - does it come naturally to you or do you have to consciously make a choice to inform?
  • Observe also the reaction of other people - do they support you or oppose you?
  • How does it make you feel?

The key lesson for Manifestors is to trust that you are here to make and impact. Whenever you inform others and get them on-board with your plans, people will respond to you and help you accomplish your goals.


If you're a Reflector, you have a resistant and sampling aura. It "tastes" the auras of other people and easily detects who is living authentically and who is not. Your aura doesn't absorb the auras of other people, but rather samples them by taking in only a little bit of it - reading it - and reflecting it back. It's a very non-judgemental and detached energy that protects you from fully merging with other people. Reflectors are here to mirror and uplift the energy of others. Other people may see themselves in you and this is a gift and a curse at the same time.

You are a very unique human being, and you don't operate by the same set of rules as other types. To truly find happiness and fulfilment in your life, you need to find the right environment and this is one of the most important decisions that you need to make. Luckily, your open energy centers allow you to feel immediately whether a place or a person is right for you or not.

  • Do you feel comfortable in this place/with this person?
  • Does it feel like "home"? Or does it feel like it's oppressing you?

Trust your senses and stick with what is correct for you.

You also need trustworthy and reliable people to help you make decisions, because your way of making decision is by talking them through with other people and refining them over time. Therein lies the biggest lesson for Reflectors - you need to avoid succumbing to making decisions in a haste, and trust that clarity will come over time.

Putting this into practice

Now that you know how your energy field operates, you can start testing the strategies listed above in your every day life and observe what happens. Keep track of your observations. The more your learn what works for you, the more you can predict what will work for you in the future!

Feel free to share your big aha-moments below!  And thank you for supporting my work!

About the author

I'm a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design Expert. I help people get to the core of their desires, gain clarity on their life direction and develop self-trust and self-confidence to start moving forward and create change in their lives. In my work, I use a unique combination of identity work, mind-body tools, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design to clear the subconscious patterns and expand the energetic capacity to receive more abundance, love, wealth, clients, and happiness that you're calling into your life.

  • As a 5/1 Manifestor, I don’t understand how I’m supposed to attract coaching clients if my aura is repelling them. Finding out that I repel people is actually dishearening.

    • HD has a strange language, indeed. Repelling means that your aura is provoking people to take action. That’s what Manifestors do, you’re not supposed to pass unnoticed and leave people indifferent. Your aura will repel those people who are not a right fit for you, and will prompt to respond to you those who are a right fit.

    • Hey Wendy! Fellow Mani here! I’ve realized through some deep deconditioning around the word and essense of repelling that it can actually benefit you in a space of attracting clients. Because yes, you repel those who aren’t a match for you and you insanely attract who is for you. It’s almost like a marketing tool in itself. Or like a metal scanner. “Is this person for me? *scan scan* Nope!” (Repelled) “Is this person for me? *scan scan* Yes! (Massively Attracted) It takes some of the decision making off of you when you accept and embody the repelling nature of your aura. It decides FOR you who is allowed to be in your more immediate space and who isn’t. We’ve all had an experience of someone who we can tell just does not like us no matter what we do and that’s because our aura is repelling them because they don’t belong in our space. When you don’t fight this and instead, honor, accept and appreciate this, you can better read and understand who is for you and who isn’t. Hope that helps love!

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