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Human Design authority: our inner GPS


Authority, together with the Strategy, that we discussed in the previous post, is the core pillar of Human Design. Authority refers to our guiding system for making decisions, our inner GPS. 

One of the most surprising discoveries I made when I started learning about Human Design was that our mind - the thinking, logical mind - is never our inner decision-making authority! Our mind is designed to process information, not to actually make decisions. How is that for a revelation?

In Human Design, there are 7 types of authorities:

  • Emotional authority
  • Sacral authority
  • Splenic authority
  • Ego/heart authority
  • Self-projected authority
  • Outer authority
  • Lunar authority

Let's look at the main characteristics of each of these authorities. 

Emotional authority

If your Emotional Solar Plexus is defined in the chart, you have emotional authority. Every Human Design type except for reflectors can have emotional authority.

Solar Plexus operates through an emotional way, and hence the key for a person with emotional authority is to wait out their emotional wave before making decisions. If they make decisions when they are hyped or depressed, these might not be the right decisions for them. 

“Let me sleep on it” is a good motto for people with emotional authority.

Sacral authority

The only Human Design types that can have sacral authority are Generators and Manifesting Generators, in whose chart the emotional solar plexus is undefined.

Sacral authority operates in the now and it responds through the voices of ah-huh (yes) or uhn-un (no). If you don’t hear any response - the answer is “not now”. 

“Follow your gut” is a  good motto for people with sacral authority.

Splenic authority

Splenic Authority is the domain of Projectors or Manifestors, and it is characterised by the defined spleen center and the undefined sacral and emotional solar plexus centers. 

A personal with splenic authority makes instantaneous decisions in the blink of an eye. They get an inner knowing which they can’t always explain. The key with this authority is to notice the intuitive response the moment it occurs. Splenic center does not repeat itself, so you really have to cease the moment and either follow what it says, or not.

Ego or Heart authority

The people who can have ego or heart authority are Manifestors with a defined Heart/Will center connected to the Throat or Projectors with a defined Heart/Will center connected to the G/Identity center.

People with this authority can be selfish when making decisions and ask “What do I want? What’s in it for me?”

The Heart center is a motor, and when you think of embarking on a project, you’ll either have the energy to do it or you won’t. So, listen to your heart. 

If your Throat is defined, listen to what your heart is telling you, when your mind is not controling it.

“Follow your heart’s desires” is a good mantra for people with this authority.

Self-projected authority

If your Identity center is connected to the Throat, then you have a self-projected authority.

These people have a powerful voice of identity, and to make decisions, they need to allow themselves to speak and to listen to their own voice at that moment. Use trusted people as sounding boards to get clarity on what is right for you.


Outer authority

The only people who can have outer authority are Mental Projectors who have no definition below the Throat.

These people receive guidance from sensory information about the environment through their open centers. The need to make sure the environment is right for them before they make any decisions. Once environment is correct, use a trusted board of advisers as a sounding board to hear your own ruminations about the decision you’re about to make.

Lunar authority

Lunar authority is the privilege of Reflectors. Similar to Mental Projectors, environment and trusted board of advisors are key for their decision-making. In addition, as Reflectors are lunar beings, they need to wait for the whole lunar cycle before making important decisions. Clarity and inner knowing comes from waiting for the right timing meanwhile discussing the issues with the right people.

Want to know more about your Human Design?

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As always, the description above is very abbreviated and there’s a lot to be said about each of the authorities, so be aware that we’re just scratching the surface here. If you want to know more about your authority, you can book a HD reading and we’ll get more in-depth into how you can actually use your authority in your life. 

And if you feel like you want to learn more about Human Design, click here to download your free Human Design Resource Guide to get you started. 

Now, tell me what is your authority and how are you using it in real life?

About the author

I'm a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design Expert. I help people get to the core of their desires, gain clarity on their life direction and develop self-trust and self-confidence to start moving forward and create change in their lives. In my work, I use a unique combination of identity work, mind-body tools, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design to clear the subconscious patterns and expand the energetic capacity to receive more abundance, love, wealth, clients, and happiness that you're calling into your life.

  • How can I know if my Identity center is connected to my Throat? One line is white, and the other two are only half-colored. Does that mean it’s not connected? Thank you.

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