May 30

Human Design: nine energy centers


In the last post, we talked about defined and undefined centers in the Human Design. Today let’s look at the nine energy centers and explore what does each of the centers stand for.

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Human Design head and ajna centers

Head center

The Head Center is the top triangle on the bodygraph. It’s the center of inspiration. It’s one of the two pressure centers of the chart, and it pressures us to think, to answer questions, and to know the “Why’s” of life. 

Ajna center

The Ajna Center is the second triangle from the top on the bodygraph. It’s the center of mental consciousness and conceptualization. It processes the inspiration from the Head center into useful information for review, research, and communication. It’s one of the three awareness centers and together with the Head Center forms our mind.

Throat Center

The Throat Center is the square immediately under the Ajna center. It’s the center of communication, expression and manifestation. This is the main hub of the Human Design, as the energy from all other centers wants to get to the Throat to be able be expressed and manifested on the physical plane.

Human Design throat center
human design identity and heart centers

G-Center or Identity Center

The G-Center, or Identity Center is the diamond at the center of the body graph. It is the center of love, identity and direction. This is the center where our own unique energy flow is connected to the flow of all life. This is the center where we find the answer to “Who am I?” question. 

Heart or Will Center

The Heart Center, also called Will Center is the small triangle to the right of the central diamond. It is a motor center, meaning that it provides us with the energy resources needed to manifest our heart’s desires. It’s the center of the willpower and ego. 

Solar Plexus Center

The Solar Plexus Center is the triangle on the far right of the body graph. It is a center of spirit consciousness, emotional and social awareness, passion and desire. It is an awareness center and a motor at the same time, which forces us to balance between awareness and accomplishment.

human design emotional solar plexus
human design sacral center

Sacral Center

The Sacral Center is the square directly to the left of the Solar Plexus. It’s the most powerful motor of the body graph, the engine, the life force. It is the center that fuels growth, expansion and life.  

Spenic Center or Spleen

The Spleen or Splenic Center is the triangle on the bottom left corner of the body graph. It is a center of body consciousness, full existential living, values, health and immune system. It’s an awareness center responding spontaneously based on instinct and intuition.

human design splenic or spleen center
human design root center

Root Center


The Root Center is the square at the bottom of the body graph. It houses our adrenaline and processes stress. It’s a pressure center that brings the pressure and fuel to evolve, and to do things. It’s also a powerful motor providing us with momentum to keep going.

In the future posts, we’ll talk in more details about each of these centers. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Human Design, I invite you to download your free Human Design Resource Guide

Have a look at your body graph and tell me which of these centers are defined (colored in) and which of them are undefined (white) in your graph? 

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