Human Design Reading

Learning about Human Design is like coming home to yourself

Dive deep into your Human Design and get to know yourself and your unique energy better. 

In this 90-minute 1:1 session, you'll discover your unique energetic way of expressing yourself, and learn how to best harness your energy in the most aligned way. You'll learn how you are designed to interact with other people, your unique way of making good decisions, and you'll get lots of practical actionable tips on how to stay true to yourself.

All readings are conducted via Zoom and are recorded for your convenience, so you don't need to take notes during the session. You will receive the recording within 48 hours after the reading. 

What you get:

  • 90-minute 1:1 Human Design reading + recording for your convenience
  • 40+ page Personalized Human Design Report with detailed information about your chart (valued at 97€) 

 Total investment: 333 EUR (approx 350 USD)

What we cover in the session:

Right after you purchase the reading, you will receive an email with a link to book the time as well as a form to submit your birth information. In case of problems, feel free to email me at irina@irinaprokofieva.com.

** Due to high demand, I am booking between 2-3 weeks ahead. 

  • Your Human Design type, strategy and authority - how you interact with the world, process energy and make decisions;
  •  Your profile and incarnation cross - your place in the world and your soul purpose;
  • Your defined and undefined centers - your strenghts and vulnerabilities and areas for personal growth;
  • Your definitions, channels and gates - what makes you unique;
  • Your variables (and arrows) - your unique way of perceiving the world. 


What people are saying

Cheri James

I LOVED getting a reading from Irina! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand themselves better and to feel more rooted in who they are and how they operate. Getting a reading from Irina helped me to discover my patterns and how to make aligned decisions verses make decisions based on what I think are aligned. Understanding my chart really gave me insight as to what I am here to do and the best way to go about making that happen. She makes it so easy to understand and really knows her stuff. This will definitely not be my last reading with Irina!

Mackenzie O’Neil

I would recommend Irina’s services hands down. Irina was very relaxed, calm and compassionate. I felt very comfortable with her right away, she presented all the information in an understandable and clear way. She related to me and used examples from her own life which made us feel equal and human together. We were able to touch on all of my questions as well as all the information she prepared before hand and it felt very thorough. When I had technical issues and my computer crashed, she stayed on and finished the session with me like nothing happened! It made me feel very comfortable and by the end I was so inspired and motivated to continue on my awakened path, and grow in relationships and my business, and understand and accept and love myself more deeply.


What I found most helpful about Irina's 1:1 call was her ability to really see me, THE REAL ME! Irina is a true listener, she was able to instantly connect and understand me. During the session, I was able to learn who I really am through the Human Design, Irina assisted me to understand why I respond to the world the way I do. She was invaluable in making me aware of the patterns I can easily tap into and also how I should avoid certain habits with my type.

I'd recommend anyone to book a coaching session with her!


I had the opportunity to do a Human Design session with Irina and it was incredibly eye-opening and truly allowed me to see myself from a new perspective in some really key areas of my personal and professional life...

I've often struggled with being so scattered, having so many ideas but not being able to focus, and finding a balance in my energy and my boundaries... now I have a much clearer understanding of WHY that is and what I can actually do to manage these aspects better.

I truly cannot recommend Irina enough, she has a beautiful energy and is a wealth of knowledge on Human Design (of which I had no idea how extensive and deep that system goes!)

Hi, I'm Irina

I'm a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design Expert. I help women pivot their way to a life of ease, flow and efforless magnetism.

As a 3/5 Manifesting Generator with a RAX of Consciousness. A few years ago I pivoted from my academic career into personal development and life coaching. Discovering Human Design has been one of the most liberating experiences in my life - it gave me the tools to understand myself and the permission to be the person I knew I was meant to be. I understood that the secret to success, love and abundance lies in the energetic alignment with my design, and not in some "secret strategy" that I thought I was missing.

This is why I am so passionate about teaching Human Design to other people. I want everyone to learn to integrate and embody their design, so that they can unlock the key to their prosperity and become a magnet for love, joy, success and abundance.

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