Are you looking for personalised support to help you unlock the power of the True You and align your life with your Human Design?


I am currently offering one-off individual Human Design readings and an in-depth Live Your Human Design programme if you want to dive deeper into aligning your life with Human Design. If you are new to Human Design, I suggest starting with a Basic Human Design reading.

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A basic human design reading covers your Human Design type. strategy and authority, as well as your non-self theme and the major challenges and opportunities associated with your undefined centers. You`ll discover how you express your personal energy, and what is your place in the world. You'll also learn how to be more mindful about interacting with other people, how to make better decisions, and how to gain emotional clarity and stability.

You'll leave this reading with a list of practical actionable strategies that will help you improve your quality of life today. 

All readings are conducted via Zoom and are recorded (unless agreed otherwise). You will receive the recording within 48 hours after the reading.

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An advanced human design reading is for those who want to dive deeper into the exploration of their Human Design. It covers your Human Design profile, your defined and undefined centers, channels, gates, your definition and incarnation cross. You`ll discover how to harness the energies of your personal chart in the most aligned way and give you insights into how you can stay true to what works for you.

You'll leave this reading with a list of practical actionable strategies that will help you improve your quality of life today. 

All readings are conducted via Zoom and are recorded (unless agreed otherwise). You will receive the recording within 48 hours after the reading.

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This exclusive coaching programme is for you if you want to take a deep dive into your Human Design and learn to harness the power of your energetic blueprint. Knowing about your Human Design is not enough if you don't know how to implement everything you learn into your life. This is exactly what we're doing together in this programme. 

During the course of 10 sessions, we'll dive into your Human Design type, strategy, authority, profile and all your centers, and we'll use this knowledge as a springboard to work through the external conditioning so that you can embrace and express the high versions of these energies in your life. You'll get practical and effective tools and strategies that will help you integrate all the Human Design learning into your real life. so that the potential doesn't remain just potential but is really implemented. This is a true Human Design experiment. 

Learning to harness the energies of your Human Design will help you know yourself better, be more mindful with your aura and your energy, improve your relationships, help you make better decisions, gain emotional clarity and stability, uncover your life purpose, and manifest a better life. All in all, it'll give you the permission to be yourself and not to try to change or mold you into something you are not. 

What my clients say


I had a Human Design consultation session with Irina and it was mind-blowing!

I already have prior knowledge about Human Design and had a Human Design reading before but her reading went way beyond what I learned about myself before. Right at the start of the reading, she asked me if I knew anything about Human Design, I told her that I have some knowledge, but it was not very in-depth. She went through very clearly about my Human Design type, which is a projector and went deep into explaining to me about my inner authority, my strategy and briefly covered things that I'd need to know about my incarnation cross.

She shared critical and important information about my chart that are actionable right from the moment she spoke to me about it and it deeply resonated with me especially now that I'm on this healing journey. There was no beating about the bush, only succinct encouraging messages that would help unravel and unlearn the conditioning. The session was a great overview of how my chart is, and also great in unveiling how I might be as a person in this world interacting with other human design types.

I could also feel how deeply empathetic she was during the session and the way she shared her journey about Human Design is something that I could really relate to. I am deeply grateful for her generosity sharing and authenticity in doing her best to share her gift. Thank you very much and deep gratitude to Irina!


I had the opportunity to do an intro Human Design session with Irina and it was incredibly eye-opening and truly allowed me to see myself from a new perspective in some really key areas of my personal and professional life...

I've often struggled with being so scattered, having so many ideas but not being able to focus, and finding a balance in my energy and my boundaries... now I have a much clearer understanding of WHY that is and what I can actually do to manage these aspects better.

I truly cannot recommend Irina enough, she has a beautiful energy and is a wealth of knowledge on Human Design (of which I had no idea how extensive and deep that system goes!)


I had a Human Design reading done by Irina. I had no previous knowledge of the Human Design philosophy but I was eager to explore it because it felt that I could get some interesting information out of it. And it did not disappoint!

Right from the start, it was clear that Irina knew what she was talking about. She explained how the reading would work and made sure it would be useful for me, instead of just getting it through. She allowed enough time for my questions and need for clarifications. The reading itself was mind-blowing. Most of the information Irina worked out from my chart, made complete sense and she gave me a new way of looking into things. Getting this insight, especially from a person that does not know you at all, helps you develop new perspectives and ultimately cultivate alternative approaches to problematic areas and try out different paths towards setting and achieving one's goals. I find that it is always helpful to identify how things work and how, sometimes, subconscious patterns may take over when we don't even realize it. I think that the Human Design philosophy helps to bring those into a more conscious level and allow us to work better with them.

I would certainly recommend these sessions. I took four pages of notes during mine and Irina was kind enough to offer extra support for any follow-up questions I might have.


What I found most helpful about Irina's 1:1 call was her ability to really see me, THE REAL ME! Irina is a true listener, she was able to instantly connect and understand me. During the session, I was able to learn who I really am through the Human Design, Irina assisted me to understand why I respond to the world the way I do. She was invaluable in making me aware of the patterns I can easily tap into and also how I should avoid certain habits with my type.

I'd recommend anyone to book a coaching session with her!


I did a Human Design reading with Irina because I wanted to understand my chart and learn more about HD.

Irina was very thorough reading my chart and had the gentlest, non-judgemental approach to explaining what it all meant. Irina immediately picked up on my language and pointed out how this was reflected in my chart.

Human Design is like biohacking your energetic field, blended with astrology. You get such a deep understanding of self. After the reading, I have a complete understanding of how I am, how I operate. My true self. So much makes complete sense now that I was never able to explain. I feel like I’m speaking from my design…actually, I am.

I would definitely recommend doing a Human Design Reading with Irina!


About me

I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and I have been working with dozens of women supporting them on a journey of transformation and finding their authentic selves. 

In my coaching, I combine scientific and practical tools with intuitive and spiritual techniques as well as my knowledge of astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys to help women create lasting transformation inside-out.

Irina Prokofieva Certified Martha Beck Life Coach