Find your Aligned Niche Using Human Design


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If you are interested in taking your work further, I invite you to explore my services!

Human Design Readings

Dive deep into your Human Design and get to know yourself and your unique energy better. Learning about Human Design is like coming home to yourself. 

Business Re-designed

A small group program for purpose-driven feminine entrepreneurs who want to create an online business that makes an impact, generates income AND feels easy and fun at the same time! [Join the waitlist!]

1:1 Coaching and Mentoring 

Personalised transformational and intuitive coaching programs to help you release your subconsious blocks and limitations and create lasting change.

Hi, I'm  Irina

I'm a Certified Transformational Coach and Mentor and Human Design Expert.

I guide and support women on a journey of deep self-discovery, self-reclamation and self-empowerment, using a unique combination of identity work, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design.

I help women reinvent their lives and break free from the rulebook of society that forces them to choose between career, motherhood and passion, so that they can be and do whatever they want.

I believe that our role as modern spiritually awaken women is to be the transformational leaders of our society and to contribute to building a better world for ourselves, and our future generations. This is the time to embody our inner feminine leader and make our mark!


What people are saying about the training...

Dear Irina, I wanted to give you some feedback - uninvited as it is - after your session.

You are the most professional, no-nonsense person I came across in the last few years. The quality of your slides, the content you included, you, your sharing about your struggles. Wow. i cannot remember the last time I was so impressed by the quality delivered. 

Thank you for the inspiration.


You are amazing!!! Thank you so much. I learned a lot and you've really got me thinking about things differently now - so much makes sense and I feel confident about my direction. You're so good at training, loved it!!!