The prosperity and wealth you want is possible -  in all areas - 

and it’s simpler to achieve than you think. 

Ready to upgrade your prosperity while staying in true alignment and doing less without having to spend hours meditating, doing endless self development and money mindset work? 

Let's be real. The old paradigm that glorifies doing whatever it takes to succeed in business is on its way out.

If you are like most conscious entrepreneurs, you know that the journey is more important than the destination when it comes to business (and life!). 

You desire financial freedom, but not at the cost of sacrificing your sanity, integrity or the time with your loved ones.  

Conscious entrepreneurs are no longer buying into "this is what you have to do to succeed" narrative, because they know that the path to true business success does not lie in hustle or self-sacrifice but in leveraging their innate talents and energetic strengths, and adapting their business model accordingly. This can be done by understanding and truly mastering your own energetics. 

Human Design and Gene Keys are invaluable tools for creating abundance and prosperity in your business while being more of who you are and operating more in tune with your own rhythms and energy.

This is the fastest way to achieve not only financial success in your business, but also to creating a true impact in the world while enjoying the life that you desire. 

Join me for this 90-minute live Masterclass to learn:


The main reason why the traditional model of business success doesn't work for heart-led conscious entrepreneurs and what does.


The key elements of a Human Design chart that determine the most effective way for you to run your heart-led business.


The insight into the frequencies to embody to attract clients, generate true prosperity and live your purpose based on your Gene Keys profile.

Live Masterclass Dates and Times:

I'm running the Masterclass twice so that you can choose the time that works best for you. 
Option 1: April 20, 2022 - 5 pm CEST (Paris), 11 am EDT (New York), 8am PDT (Los Angeles)

Option 2: April 21, 2022 - 10am CEST (Paris), 6pm AEST (Sydney), 8pm NZST (Wellington)

Can't join live? Limited time replay will be sent to all those who register for the Masterclass.

Hi there! My name is Irina!

I'm a Certified Transformational Coach, Human Design Expert, Energy Alchemist and Soul Frequency Activator. 

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs, spiritual coaches, healers, change-makers and New Earth Visionaries embody their Soul purpose and master their energy to create exponential impact and income in their soul-led business.

I believe that when you decide to follow your Soul's calling, you get to have it all - a thriving business that changes lives, financial abundance, happy family, amazing relationships and a strong spiritual connection to the divine - and you get to do it all the effortless way.

After almost two decades of working in science and academia, and seeing so many people stuck in jobs they dislike, I decided to change my life and dedicate myself to helping people create the lives truly worth living. Discovering Human Design & Gene Keys five years ago has been one of the most liberating experiences in my life -  it gave me the tools not only to understand myself better but also to realize that all those things that I thought were "wrong" about me, were actually an essential part of my unique genius!

My mission is to support and empower spiritual entrepreneurs and healers, so that together we can elevate the consciousness of our humanity and create positive change in the world. 

What others are saying about my work...

Dear Irina, I wanted to give you some feedback - uninvited as it is - after your session.

You are the most professional, no-nonsense person I came across in the last few years. The quality of your slides, the content you included, you sharing about your struggles. Wow. I cannot remember the last time I was so impressed by the quality delivered. 

Thank you for the inspiration.


You are amazing!!! Thank you so much. I learned a lot and you've really got me thinking about things differently now - so much makes sense and I feel confident about my direction. You're so good at training, loved it!!!


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