Navigating the Seasons of Transformation

MASTERCLASS with Irina Prokofieva

coming in April 2020

Are you just starting on your personal transformation journey and have no idea what to expect and where to start?   

Have you been doing inner work for a while with no results?
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the tools out there - inner child healing, shadow work, belief reprogramming, dream mapping, etc - and have no idea which ones are right for you right now?

Would you love to learn the process of transformation so that you can navigate change with ease and flow and know exactly which tools to use when?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to my Masterclass that is launching in April 2020.

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In this Masterclass, we will cover:

  • What inner transformation is and what triggers the process of inner change
  • What to expect when you undergo transformation and why you shoudn't be afraid of it
  • The seasons of transformation and how to recognise the season you're currently in
  • The common struggles you might experience in each of the seasons and what to do about them  
  • The tools and strategies you can rely on to support you during each season
  • Common signs that indicate when you get stuck in a season and how to move forward
and so much more!

Join the waitlist and get a 50% discount for the masterclass when it goes live!

About your host

I'm Irina, a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Soul Aligment Mentor for women who desire to live in alignment with their inner truth and are ready to embrace their true calling. I help women and conscious entrepreneurs align with their feminine power and release beliefs and subconscious programming that are holding them back so that they can show up for their true dreams and create a life they desire.

In my coaching, I combine scientific and practical tools with intuitive and spiritual techniques, Human Design and astrology to help you create a life of ease, joy and fulfilment you've always dreamt of.

Irina Prokofieva Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

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