Work with Irina

It's never too late to become who you were meant to be.

I work with women who want to rediscover who they are, why they are here and what is their purpose. My work is centered on taking them on a journey back to their true selves, and supporting them to create shifts at an identity level to transition from the person they thought they should be to the person they really are on the inside, so they can lead empowered and fulfilled lives.

My desire is for each woman to live and operate from a place of innate self-worth, authentic wholeness, and deep respect and connection with nature and its seasons, because this is the only way in which we can fully thrive ourselves and at the same time contribute to creating a massive impact in the world.

I believe that by educating and empowering a new generation of feminine leaders we can transform the way in which our whole society operates - to create a more inclusive, sustainable and diverse world. 

Irina is a holistic life coach, who works with women who are feeling stuck in areas of their life. Her approach is individualised, meeting you where you are at. The tools Irina uses are easy and practical, even with those living a busy life. Her gentle, compassionate nature with the passion to help people and see them grow is second to none.


My services

I offer a variety of personalized life and business coaching and mentorship opportunities, as well as Human Design readings and coaching packages.

Human design

HUman DEsign Readings and Coaching

Dive deep into your Human Design and get to know yourself and your unique energy better. Learning about Human Design is like coming home to yourself. 

Dream analysis

Subconscious Dream Analysis

The key to your dreams lies inside of you. Learn how to uncover the deepest messages hidden in your dreams using subconscious immersion technique.

Life coaching

1-1 Life Coaching and Biz Mentorship

Personalised transformational and intuitive coaching programs to help you release your subconsious blocks and limitations and create lasting change.

Group prorgams

Group Programs and Online Courses

Deeply transformational self-study courses and group coaching containers to help you uplevel your life and business.

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