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Waiting to respond in Human Design – unpacking the strategy of Generators and Manifesting Generators


If you're into Human Design, you'll know that one of the big lessons that HD is teaching us is related to timing and trusting that we'll feel when the time is right for us to take action. Let me share with you today a few observations related to waiting for the right time for Generators and Manifesting Generators.

The strategy of both Generators and Manifesting Generators is to wait to respond. As Sacral beings - individuals with a defined Sacral center - Generators and Manifesting Generators are not supposed to initiate anything, because sacral energy is not an energy for initiating an action, it's an energy for sustaining an action.

This is something that neither Generators, nor Manifesting Generators want to hear. With so much conditioning, and our own internal programming, the last thing we want is for someone else to initiate an action. We want to be the ones who do it! After all, why would we have so much energy in the first place if it was not to initiate things and act on our own ideas?

So, why we need to wait in the first place?

waiting to respond

Not all ideas are ready to be manifested

In my readings, I usually explain to my clients that not all ideas are the same. Some ideas are what I call "baby ideas" and some of them are "mature ideas". Baby ideas are not yet ready to be manifested, not by you, nor by anyone. Mature ideas, on the contrary, are already advanced enough to be materialized.

How do we know if an idea that we get is a baby idea or a mature idea?

We know it by looking for the signs.

An idea that is mature enough will leave signs for us to see in a physical world. For example, if you get an idea to go to Hawaii and then you see an article in a local newspaper about Hawaii - that's your sign that an idea is mature enough!

When we act on baby ideas - we face more obstacles, we need to put much more effort in making them happen, and we frequently feel that they are not developing fast enough. We're pushing the cart uphill and we get frustrated on the way.

On the contrary, when we act on mature ideas - everything seems to fall in place seamlessly, magic coincidences happen, we attract people who are either glad to help us take action on these ideas, or are interested in the outcomes of our actions. Work doesn't seem like "work" and instead of pushing and efforting, we just see our project gliding forward almost by itself. There's no frustration and no feeling of "Oh why on Earth does it have to be so hard?!"

This is the main reason why Generators and Manifesting Generators are supposed to wait to respond. They need to see the signs - in the physical world - that an idea is mature enough to be manifested. Remember, an idea itself doesn't exist on a physical plane, it only exists in our mind. If we can't see any indication of our idea in real life - then this is a baby idea.

Waiting creates a necessary pause for us to seek and find signs that would confirm that our idea is ready to be materialized. It also creates the space for the Universe to take action and orchestrate the events that need to happen to support us in implementing the idea. We live in a co-created Universe, and coincidences and synchronicities are the Universe's way to show us that IT is part of the process as well. 

Waiting to respond creates an opportunity for the Universe to orchestrate events to support us in implementing our idea.

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Not all ideas are meant for us

Another reason for waiting before taking action is to give us an opportunity to check whether the idea we've just got is meant for us in the first place. As revolutionary as it may sound, not all ideas are meant for us. Some of them were just "flying by" when our mind grasped them. This is especially important to remember for people who have an undefined or open Head center, as these people are known to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.

When we start taking action on ideas that are not meant for us, we end up frustrated and burned out. Giving ourselves the time to seek the signs and check in with ourselves (our Authority) - can prevent it from happening and can save our energy for ideas that are really correct for us.

Reserve your energy for ideas that are correct for you

And this is the key of the whole process. Sacral beings - Generators and Manifesting Generators - have plenty of energy to spend on anything they desire. And this calls for massive boundaries! If we spend all this energy pursuing something that is not meant for us or pushing forward something that is not yet ready to be materialized, we might find ourselves too tired or too overburdened with other obligations to take action on correct ideas when they do pop up into our lives.

Want to know more about your Human Design?

If you want to have a Human Design reading, you can book a Human Design Reading with me.  I also offer 1:1 coaching to help you unpack the conditioning and truly integrate Human Design into your life and business. If you're intrested in that, I invite you to apply for a free consultation call

Human Design experiment

So, if you're a Generator or a Manifesting Generator I invite you to make an experiment. Whenever an idea pops into your mind and you feel an urge to act on it immediately, follow the following process:

  1. Write your idea down on a piece of paper.
  2. Ask for a sign from the Universe to indicate to you that this idea is ready to be materialized. Then wait.
  3. When you see the sign, consult your gut (Sacral center) to check whether this is something that YOU have to take action on or not. You'll notice a rush of energy if this idea is for you, and you'll feel near to nothing if this idea is not for you. This is where the saying "If this is not a HELL YES, it's a HELL NO!" applies. If you happen to have an emotional authority, remember to wait until your wave is stable before asking your gut for clarity.

If you're worried about trying this strategy on big or important ideas, try it on small ideas first. Give yourself enough time to observe whether you see the signs or not. Check in with your gut. Explore how it feels when you act on ideas that are correct for you vs the ideas that are not correct for you. The more evidence you collect, the easier it would be to see how this process works. After all, Human Design is an experiment and you can only experience it if you try.

Share your experiences and struggles with "waiting to respond" as your strategy in the comments . If you're a Generator or Manifesting Generator, how does waiting to respond feel like? When do you find it easiest to wait?  Let's have a conversation!

About the author

I'm a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design Expert. I help people get to the core of their desires, gain clarity on their life direction and develop self-trust and self-confidence to start moving forward and create change in their lives. In my work, I use a unique combination of identity work, mind-body tools, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design to clear the subconscious patterns and expand the energetic capacity to receive more abundance, love, wealth, clients, and happiness that you're calling into your life.

  • Hello, what a great text! I find it challenging when the manifestation starts to approach. I’ve initiated the process and have been shown signs, but when there’s still a distance to it, I find it difficult to wait. Should I take action, or should I wait, and what am I waiting for? In this case, I feel a full yes, but it concerns a bigger purchase that, at the moment, I’m not sure how to afford.

  • Love this!
    Thank you so much.
    Also love reading the comments.
    I’m a 1/3 Gene.
    I’ve been stumped on the ‘wait to respond’ but this makes it much clearer.

    Thank you!!!!

  • What can you do when you don’t feel your sacral response?

    I only feel excited or joy about an idea in my heart area, but never in my gut area. But, I learned that a sacral response is always felt in the gut area.

    What can I do when my sacral response is dysfunctional?

    • Hi Fabian! I don’t think the sacral response is necessarily coming from the gut area. For me, my sacral YES feels like an energy boost, and a NO feels like an energy drain. I feel it everywhere, a NO feels like a sinking feeling in the heart and stomach, and a YES feels like openness in the heart and an upward energy flow (like a kick in the butt :)). Hope it helps!

  • Hello! You mentioned the word “discernment” in an earlier comment which really resonates with me. I share the same feelings as some of the other folks here…I have a defined everything except root & spleen. Emotional 3/5 MG…I want to write about literally every idea I get but never end up finishing anything. I have a hanging gate 11 also. Lately, I’ve been doubting if I’m supposed to write anything at all or maybe I’m just trying to write from my head instead of my G-center (defined 1-8 channel). The baby ideas makes a lot of sense though!

  • i loved your way of explaining things, such amazing articles on human design! especially the mature/baby ideas. i sense it everyday, since i am an mg with an open head, i can feel it when something isn’t ready to be pursued, but sometimes i ignore this feeling, the good thing is that as an mg i can stop midway, contrary to a generator. that’s one of the greatest gifts of mgs !

  • Very interesting. I feel there is a very fine line between ‘waiting to respond’ and ‘missing opportunities’ and I’m bit confused with the ‘not initiating’ strategy. From career perspective, if I don’t initiate a job search to get out of frustrating or toxic work environment and start looking for opportunities to respond, I cannot progress. What if the gut feel is to initiate?

    • Thank you for your comment, Jose. My hunch is that if you initiate a job search because you don’t want to be in a toxic work environment, then it’s really not “initiating” per se, but acting in response. Your gut is telling you to quit, and you take action to start a job search. The key is that you respond to something that occurs in a physical world, so you can’t respond to an idea, but you can respond to a feeling of dread or anxiety that a toxic environment provokes in you.
      “Missing opportunities” is a mental concept, I believe that none of the opportunities that are right for us can be truly missed. If an opportunity presents itself to you, and your gut is saying “no”, then it’s really not a missed opportunity, because it wasn’t intended for you in the first place. I’d rather call it “discernment”.

    • Hi Jose, i recognize this feeling of ‘nothing happens when i dont work/search for it’ but i actually realized that the best things in my life, including jobs, just came to me. I bumped into it, or a friend told me about it or any other way. Im storting to learn to trust this and enjoy the relaxt feeling that it will come, rather then stressfully search all day. I do talk about it to people though.

  • Hi, its quite hard for me to not put all of my ideas in my head into fruition. I have a defined sacral and root centre with all others opened. I tend to have lots of ideas where i want to research subjects and start little projects but i feel like i’m in the middle of all these little projects but i change daily between them all. I am now realising why i was always so fatigued with my past jobs but was confused as when ever i was engaged with something i enjoyed that i had this infinite energy and wondered why i could never harness this energy at work. Now i need to practise my waiting to respond as i tend to have lots of little unfinished projects going on and i think this is due wanting a project or a feeling of mastering something.

  • I actually find that very reassuring to know as an MG. I have so many ideas and impulses and often feel the pressure to take action. Knowing that there is a right moment and I’m not missing out on something by waiting to respond gives makes me calm and peaceful. Thanks for the insight! xxBettina

  • This is really helpful! I have an open head and defined ajna and throat, so i tend to act on any inspiration i get! My sacral and solar plexus are defined, so i was confused on how to use sacral questions. I think i now have a working strategy- practice my sacral response on little, every day stuff, but when the decisions are bigger or more impactful, wait for the calm in my emotional wave. I also read that i could ask my sacral and then wait. Which is more accurate?
    Also, its funny- I’m not a manifesting generator, but my sacral responses can be “Hell Yes!”

    • Laura, thank you for the comment! With emotional authority you want to wait until you’re emotionally calm to make decisions. This is because your sacral response will differ depending on where you are on your emotional wave – e.g. if you’re very high on the emotional wave, it may sound like a “Hell Yes!”, but it can drop to a “Hell No!” the next day when the wave is down. So, the trick here is to learn to identify your wave and notice, how does being “up” and “down” feel like, and what does “neutral” feel like. You want to make decisions when you’re neutral, emotionally calm. I usually suggest waiting for the wave to calm down before asking the sacral, because sacral answers in the moment.

  • A really well written article on responding, I am a MG and find this bit the hardest as I have an open head and ajna.Ideas come
    easily to me but change on a daily basis. Now I realise I need to be checking in everything with the Sacral and to let things go more often.Take care Sharon

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