January 23

What to do if you hit resistance on your personal development journey


You don't know where your limits are until you start taking action.

Not any action, but massive action, the one that forces you to get outside your comfort zone, the one that scares the crap out of you. You know, that BIG action you're supposed to be taking on your dreams now instead of hanging out online.

The massive action will put you face to face with your fears, your blocks and your limitations.

How will you recognize them?

You'll feel resistance.

You'll start avoiding taking the action.

You'll come up with excuses.

  • I'll do it this evening.
  • I'll do it tomorrow.
  • I'll do it next week.

This is resistance and it's coming up because you're hitting your own self-imposed limitations on things you can do and how much you can achieve, and fears about what'll happen if it doesn't work out.

Don't run away from these fears. Don't shut them down. Don't ignore them. Don't switch on Netflix.

Instead, look at each of these fears and beliefs with curiosity and ask yourself:

  • What am I afraid of?
  • What do I need to learn here?
  • Why am I resisting doing what I need to be doing?

Journal, meditate, talk to a friend, talk to a coach... You need someone to hold up a mirror to you and help you unearth your limitations. Once you recognize your limiting beliefs and process them, they will not have the power over you anymore and you'll get closer to living in alignment with your authentic integrity.

If you need help, I'll be happy to chat. You can book a clarity call with me at absolutely no charge and get help right away. I'd be happy to help!

About the author

I'm a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Mentor and Human Design Expert. I help people get to the core of their desires, gain clarity on their life direction and develop self-trust and self-confidence to start moving forward and create change in their lives. In my work, I use a unique combination of identity work, mind-body tools, self-worth activation, spiritual and energetic alignment and Human Design to clear the subconscious patterns and expand the energetic capacity to receive more abundance, love, wealth, clients, and happiness that you're calling into your life.

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Authentic integrity all the way

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